Season 1, 2 & 3: / 13 Episodes x 15 Minutes /  High Definition / English Language

MADE IN SINGAPORE shows how homegrown brands have developed alongside Singapore, an immigrant island-state that has attracted many visionaries to her shores with rich trading opportunities and gradual but yet necessary infrastructure after Independence.

Through these stories, viewers inevitably learn how these brands carved out a niche, created differentiation, and ceaselessly embraced innovation, and built relationships. Stories that speak of endurance in spite of failure, treacherous economies and fickle consumer trends, through time, generations, and even world wars for some; earning a place in the hearts of many in Singapore while winning more followers beyond the red dot.

Whether Singapore is a springboard or place of heritage, these homegrown brands have an inherent relationship with the republic, a place where ideas and innovation were incubated before regional and international credibility. And therefore the series is aptly named, Made in Singapore with the exclamation mark representing pride.