“A Journey of Love”
Seasons 1 & 2:
 9 Episodes x 60 Minutes / High Definition / Malay Language / Worldwide Distribution

KEMBARA KASIH is much more than just a conventional travelogue. The series takes our celebrity host, Dalina Jaapar, to an experiential journey through the daily lives of slum dwellers. Through the portrayal of life in destitute, light is shed on the social issues such as the lack of emphasis on education and unsanitary living conditions. Such groups all over the world have also been misunderstood, discriminated against and neglected by society for far too long. As we become witnesses to social injustices and concerns, Kembara Kasih hopes to move the audience to act and show support for these communities. Experience her joys, fears and tears as we watch her volunteer with fellow Singaporean volunteers to accomplish challenging tasks at the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

*New York Festivals 2015 - Finalist Certificate Awards for Best Documentary: 
Human Concern Category, Community Service category

*Pesta Perdana 2017 Television Awards for Best Information series