Seasons 1: 24 Episodes x 30 Minutes / Standard Definition / English Language
Seasons 2 & 3: 12 Episodes x 30 Minutes / High Definition / English Language

IN COLD BLOOD is a docu-drama series on what drives people to extreme and shocking acts of behavior which not only break the law but end in hurt and tragedy; things that are just inconceivable to the rational mind. Through the use of high profile and intriguing real life cases, the series will highlight issues like family violence, abusive relationships, mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, plus other relevant issues that concern society. Each compelling story will be told using re-enactments and and narrator. A lot of these problems only come to light when tragedy strikes. Not all problems will have a solution and no one solution can solve all the problems but highlighting them will hopefully bring about more awareness and understanding to these issues.

*Top rated in Channel 5 (MediaCorp) for 2 consecutive seasons