Seasons 1 & 2: 13 Episodes x 60 Minutes / Standard Definition / English & Foreign Language with English Subtitles / Worldwide Distribution

DINING WITH DEATH is about as candid as it sounds – eating food that can ultimately land you in the sudden frame of paralyzing death. This series take you through a selection of foods known to be deadly poisonous. In each episode, a category of delicacies will be highlighted and profiled in a few countries where it will be showcased in a myriad of subjects including its origin, its living habitat and the chemical / natural breakdown that makes them deadly to humankind.

Broadcaster: MediaCorp (Okto), Discovery (US, Latin America), Travel Channel (US), U7 (Russia). icable (HK), Teuve (Spain), Asian Food Channel and more than 30 countries worldwide and over 60 networks

Distributor: Passion Distribution

*New York Festivals 2010 - Finalist Award for Best Documentary